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The history of the Garden State is filled with well-known 

events and forgotten happenings. German Americans 

open the nation’s first kindergarten in Hoboken on 

February 11, 1861. Prohibition brought more than two 

hundred bootleggers together in Sea Bright on August 

24, 1924, to discuss a fixed price on their product.

As America fought World War I and desperately needed 

ammunition, the T.A. Gillespie Shell plant exploded in 

Sayreville on Oct 4, 1918, killing at least one hundred 


From military feats and shady politics to the 

extraordinary episodes in the lives of everyday people 

explore an entire year of events from New Jersey’s 

history. Local historians Joseph Bilby, James Madden 

and Harry Ziegler chronicle the state’s most intriguing 

and monument moments - one for each date on the 


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